"She (Diana) is my secret weapon to making a living in this business right now."

D.P. - On-site salesperson

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in this class! Tell Diana I wrote another one. That is 4 contracts in 4 weeks - DBC rocks! Let her know I will see her in Coaching soon."

D.P. - On-site salesperson

"It had been almost 6 years since I took the full course and the refresher course was so worth it! It got me back on track in building relationships with people and earning their business rather than listening to all of the “noise” that is going on out there right now. Diana cuts right to it and makes you stretch to the best of your capabilities. I hadn’t sold a house in several months when I started the course and since I finished it I have sold 2 homes in the last 10 days!"

A.W. - On-site salesperson

"After years of sales experience, I am amazed how much I learned in Diana's class. Selling more homes in less time is definitely working for me!"

L.U. - On-site salesperson

"Tough times require the right people, and there is none better than Diana!

Thanks for all you have done for our company."

Ron Formby, Antares Homes Ltd., President/CEO

"Diana Ball Cooksey is the sales master!

I am so thankful to have started working with Diana from the very beginning of my career. I took Diana’s class my first week in the industry as a sales assistant. Her coaching led me to a promotion within 6 months and I was a McSam “Rookie of the Year” finalist in less than a year. I was a finalist for the McSam “Salesperson of the Year” in 2005 and was just awarded the 2006 salesperson of the year with K. Hovnanian Homes (Diamond Series).

Diana’s coaching and training can take a good salesperson and make them great. She helps you understand what motivates prospective buyers and how to sell to that motivation. Her class taught me to be a better communicator which is key to successful selling and achieving higher customer satisfaction.

She gives you the tools to succeed in business as well as life. Anyone who follows her system will make 'more sales in less time' guaranteed!"

H.D. - On-site salesperson

"Diana is awesome. She has figured out the secret of why customers buy homes. She will help you unlock this secret if you take her class. You will sell more homes after (spending) time with Diana.

Send your assistant to class and watch the magic happen when they return to work.

Be proactive, be professional and take your career to the next level. You peers will be asking, how did you do it?

Diana is the best there is!!"

R. K. - On-site salesperson

"Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your recent Comprehensive Course on New Home Sales.

As a Realtor, this course has given me a new perspective on not only the customer's point of view in the sales transaction but the scope of the sales associate's responsibilities.

I want to complement you on your command of the subject as well as the content and presentation.

It takes a very skilled person to allow the participants to role play, speak freely on related topics, share a small piece of their personal life and personality and still maintain order and direction with a group of strong minded professionals while making the venture fun.

I look forward to attending your future coaching classes."

J. W. - Realtor

"...we have been selling homes at a record rate since your classes."

update..."I still continue to prosper month after month following the completion of your Comprehensive Course over a year ago, followed by your exciting and dynamic monthly coaching sessions. My monthly sales have definitely escalated exponentionally because of the training that I have received from you. The number of sales that I have netted the past 3 consecutive months is an experience that a salesperson "dreams" will happen once in their career. Only my success continues month after month. Thank you so much for keeping me focused on what is most important in the new home building industry; building relationships."

I.R. - On-site salesperson

"...I have sold two this week. That's four in two months, three of which I have sold since the first training class.
These techniques work! I can't thank you enough for helping me....I can't say enough good things about you guys."

R.J. - Sales Manager

"The skills I learned and relearned help me have a great month in April. I sold 8 after the class!"

M.C. - On-site salesperson

"If you want to make more money and have more fun selling; spend more time with Diana Ball Cooksey."

T. H. - Sales Manager

"I believe in Diana and her concepts to such a high level that I recently told her that I would spend the necessary amount of money to spend just a small amount of one-on-one time with her on a weekly basis. With the tremendous amount of money and profit involved in our industry, we owe it to ourselves to be the best that we can be. For that same reason, we can easily afford to invest in our sales skills and abilities because the return on investment is so high.

You should only hire Diana if you want more profits in less time. If you don't want that, you should find someone else!"

T. C. - On-site salesperson

"Diana offers tools to succeed in home sales as well as other areas of your life because she has taken sales from the selling process and into building relationships. To that end, she's been more than a sales trainer she has been a friend.

I have had many monthly salesmen of the year awards for 3 of the 8 years that I have worked with Diana. I have been salesperson of the year, and a McSam winner. I have also won the award of exemplary customer service for two years.

To a builder for that little of an investment I don't see how they could not afford to use her. She has her hand on the future of this industry like no other I have met. If you get one extra sale it's worth it, and the companies that don't use her, will be competing with the companies who do. One of the few commitments in life that I have kept is to try to make one of her classes each month, as long as I am in the industry."

G. L. - Sales Manager

"As a sales trainer for a national homebuilder it is required that I be on my toes with today's way of selling. Diana is my sounding board! She has given me tools that are realistic and actually work with today's prospects. If you want results without the hype, Diana is the trainer for you and your company."

J. G. - Sales Trainer

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